Morning Choices

5AM - The alarm goes off and it's time to wake up.

My mind says "no". The alarm says "yes".

But it's dark and cold which equal perfect sleeping conditions.

Will I choose to rise up anyway?

Saying, “I'm blessed to wake up today.”

It's time to give thanks,

To stretch, pray, and meditate.

But I look at the glowing iPhone with new notifications that whisper,

“Open me! I'll make you feel good.”

Will I choose to be still anyway?

Saying, “those notifications can wait awhile.”

Off to the kitchen to hydrate and pack food.

Water is first and then to pack lunch.

But the coffee Keurig sits right next to the cookie jar and they sneakily whisper,

“We'd taste much better than water and fruit.”

Will I choose the healthier option anyway?

Saying, “you're worth it, body.”

Now to hit the road for the work commute.

A self-help podcast and a mindful drive.

But this guy is riding my tail with his high beams on.

Will I choose to believe, "he must be having a really hard morning" ?

Saying, “God Bless you, fellow driver.”

Arrive at work with 15 minutes to spare.

Take a walk and breathe before the work day ahead.

But the mind speaks up, "make a starbucks run, you've got time.”

Will I chose to move my body anyway?

Saying, “I love you, body.”

It’s up to me

There are wins.

And there are losses.

A few simple decisions, that so greatly effect the whole day.

And it all begins, with a few morning choices.

Joe BeckComment