Attachment to Material Possessions

Have you ever noticed how commercials, magazines, and advertisements rake you in order to sell things that you don’t really need? They convince you that if you buy their product, it will add something to you — it will add value to how you see yourself or how others see you. How do they usually do this? By convincing you that if you use their product, you will stand out from the crowd and more fully be yourself. 

What keeps our consumer society going strong is the fact that trying to enhance or find ourselves through material things doesn’t work. The ego is only satisfied for a very short time before it wants more. So what do we do? We keep looking for more, we keep buying, and we keep on consuming. 

Do you know what else is constantly striving for more? Cancer. The only goal of a cancer cell is to multiply itself. It is completely unaware that it is literally bringing about it’s own destruction by killing the body. 

So what about you? Are you attached to material possessions? Do certain things in your life make you feel more important or empowered? Would a lack of certain things make you feel less than? Do you feel resentful, angry, fearful, or defensive if someone uses your things? 

Using your awareness, investigate your relationship with the world of things. Release the bondage to any thing that is tied together with your sense of worth and watch as more freedom and peace enter into your life!

Joe BeckComment