Life Inside A Bottle

It could be said that human beings are like filled bottles of water floating in the sea. The bottle is our body, our ego. The water inside the bottle is our true essence, our Spirit. And the sea is Heaven.

The bottle keeps the water contained for awhile, just as the body keeps the Spirit contained. The bottle and the body both serving as temporary containers, where the water is left with a life inside a bottle.

Then one day, the bottle begins to deteriorate, and not look as nice as it once did, which is a challenging time for the fragile water bottle. Eventually the bottle breaks and the other filled water bottles are sad. As they mourn, they’re left to question: what happens when my bottle breaks?

The water that was inside the broken bottle begins to seep into the vast Ocean. It surrenders, and leaves it’s old painful bottle behind. It pours into the warm Heavenly Sea and experiences total Love and Oneness like nothing it had ever experienced before, during it’s life inside a bottle..

Joe BeckComment