Money Mindset

Why can’t I ever seem to attract enough money into my life? This is a question that I’m sure is asked by millions of my fellow humans. A question who’s answer is multi-faceted and potentially unique to each person. Perhaps you grew up in poverty and you know no other way. Maybe you’re playing it safe at a comfortable job instead of taking a risk. Perhaps you spend far too much time on your couch watching Netflix. I don’t know…

No matter what answer you come up with for yourself, I do believe that mindset and taking action are the biggest pieces to look at if you want to attract more money into your life. Have you taken the time to investigate your mindset around money? What are your core beliefs around it? What is your society’s core beliefs and have they rubbed off on you? Interesting questions to ponder as I begin to look more deeply into my own relationship with money. 

In looking at society, I can’t help but to feel that we have it all backwards in many areas. I mean there are strippers who make more than teachers. Our political leaders make bare minimum compared to our sports stars. Priests and rabbis live on bread and water while we throw millions at Hollywood actors. All of these callings that involve service and high intrinsic value don’t seem to pay off in terms of financial wealth. So I have come to the realization that subconsciously, I believe the person who chooses the highest calling should get the lowest pay. Wow! That is one hell of a discovery that has stopped me in my tracks this week. That thought will surely keep me from attracting money and I’m sure there are plenty more where that came from.

I know that my thoughts create my reality so how can I change the way I think about money? A most interesting question that thankfully I feel I hold a possible answer to after having success with recovery. When I was addicted to drugs and alcohol it was clear that my thinking was not right. I managed to create some dreadful and disgusting thought patterns. In order to fully recover and to begin to actually feel happy, I knew I had to change my thinking, but HOW?! The usual method for creation in this world involves the steps of thoughts, words, and actions. We have a thought or an idea in our minds. We write that thought down or speak it into words. Then we eventually take action on it. But what if I could reverse engineer the whole process? What if that’s a way to recover? Come to find out, that is the way that worked for me. My thinking was distorted beyond measure but I was able to take action anyway. I went to anonymous meetings. I got involved in service work. I made phone calls and participated in groups. I took action consistently and eventually my thoughts changed, which in turn changed my whole world. 

Could it work out the same way with money? I am now aware of some of the deep and subconscious limiting beliefs that I hold around money. So if I begin to take action that counters those beliefs then I might just create a whole new way of thinking around money, and in turn change my whole world once again.

There’s only one way to find out. See ya on the flip side!

Until next time,

Joe Beck

Joe Beck