The one powerful word that was delivered to me today at the end of Bree Melanson’s Clearing Meditation this morning. It sounds silly and simple, right? But when I received that word, I could feel my body vibrating and my energy lifting as I received the download.

Healing, in my humble opinion, is an essential part of our journey here. If we do not take the time to heal, our body’s are guaranteed to send us a message. The form of the message will vary from person to person -- depression, darkness, headaches, arthritis, rash, diabetes, cancer, etc… Whether you believe it or not, our bodies are intelligent and they are actually on our side. When we experience those symptoms, the body is trying to tell us something.

But instead of getting silent and listening to our bodies natural intelligence, we’ve developed a system of medicine that has made a pill for every symptom. I am not denying the importance and the miracles of medicine, however, I do believe that as a whole we have gone way overboard.

Why are we so quick to pop a pill instead of looking for a deeper root cause? Well that’s what we’re trained to do. It’s a learned behavior. If there is something wrong with our bodies we’re taught to go to the doctor and listen to what they say.

Similar to our symptoms, each individual’s healing will vary from person to person. You get to discover your own unique healing. For instance, when I wake up with sore knees or hips, I have come to know that it’s because of what I ate the day before. I likely ate too many acidic foods that cause inflammation and my body is sending me a message. When I am at a party and I have a thought that I’d like to have an alcoholic drink, my mind is telling me that I am not content and that it’s probably time to make a call or hit a meeting. When I am feeling like I’ll never be financially abundant, I know it’s old scarcity programming chiming in and I get to work on re-programming that.

But how do we create time to heal? When there are needy children, demanding jobs, and bills to pay, how can we possibly begin to heal? I know the idea can seem daunting and outside of the realm of possibility. However, I will hold that space of possibility for you! I don’t know how but I do know it’s possible.

Maybe it’s saving up enough money to go on a trip, take a vacation, or to leave your job to start something new. Perhaps it’s waking up earlier to meditate, read, prepare food, or move your body. It could be visiting a holistic doctor, an energy healer, a life coach, or a therapist. I am not here to give you the answer. Only you know the answer to that question. But I do know that no matter how challenging or stressful your current situation may be, you can find a way. It is POSSIBLE.

I encourage everyone to take the time to stop and go within today. Ask and listen. The answers may be covered up by doubt and overthinking but continue to ask anyway. Practice! For when we heal, we begin to feel better. When we heal, we begin to feel a heightened sense of aliveness and purpose. When we heal, we can help others to heal. And there is no greater feeling than healing yourself and then sharing it with others.

What are you working on healing today?

This writing was massively inspired by Michelle Carvalho, Timothy Patrick, Jordan Younger, and Bree Melanson. Thank you all so much!

Joe BeckComment