A Father of Two

I wake up to smiles

and a babbling boy.

Noah Beck is awake,

ah what a joy!


Over an hour passes

and I hear tip toeing nearby.

Chase Beck is awake

and he's ready to fly.


I look at my boys

while gratitude sweeps through.

I still can't believe

I'm a father of two.


Their mom takes a nap

since she was up all night.

Dad to the rescue

I've got this alright.


Noah gets fussy

and he starts to cry.

Chase tells me he's hungry,

he wants eggs on the fly.


A toddler and an infant,

whom I just viewed as the bomb,

begin getting under my skin.

Ugh, where’s my mom?


I'm hungry too

and I'd like to meditate.

But the kids have other plans,

and I dare not be late.


As I head to the kitchen

I make an encounter,

with a shiny new quarter

on the kitchen counter.


A sign from the Universe

with a priceless reminder.

There are two sides to the coin,

ones mean and ones kinder.


I smile and remember

there are no good times without bad.

And such is true,

about being a dad.


I hustle and grind

but it's worth for you.

How lucky I am,

a father of two.

Joe BeckComment