Nude Thoughts in the Park ​

As I get undressed and put my feet in the water, I feel a moment of bliss.

I take a breath and am encapsulated by the moment.

This is freedom. I am here.

What a life! What a gift!

I breathe and look at the beauty all around.

Soaking it all in.

This is it: Presence and Beingness.

A few moments of presence pass by until my ego chimes in.

“Are you really free, Joe? What about the couple up there on the rock staring at you in your underwear? What about the group of fishermen cracking jokes nearby?

Are you really free, Joe?”

The words ring through my mind with disspointment and frustration and I begin to question myself.

I feel like a quarterback who thinks he made a clean break and has plenty of space, only to get sacked once again.

The question comes arises once more: Am I really free?

Awareness kicks in and I breathe again.

I say 'Hi' to my ego and thank it for it's cute little thoughts.

I let it to know that I'm aware I still have work to do, but that I have come a long way.

I let my ego know he is loved and that I am going to smile and enjoy this wonderful moment.

I take a breath and am encapsulated by the moment once again.

This is freedom. I am here.

Joe BeckComment