Chakra Reading

$55 per session

Chakras are energy centers that all humans have throughout their body. Chakras can become blocked off for a multitude of reasons.

Are you experiencing a block in your life? Something you just simply cannot seem to get past?

Do you feel you have traumas to heal from?

First step is always A W A R E N E S S – if we don’t identify what is blocked, how can we move forward and grow?

In this reading, we get to dive deep and see what is blocking you from moving forward. There’s things that you may not be aware of, but your spirit guides help me bring them to your attention. As an added BONUS, we’ll also send you a crystal that we intuitively pick, which will further help with the healing process.


Color Reading

$22 per session

Imagine walking into a room that is painted gray. No colors whatsoever. What does your energy feel like? Now imagine walking into a room with pinks, oranges, yellows, purples and blues! How does your energy feel now?  

Do you ever notice that you’re drawn to certain colors depending on how you’re feeling? That’s because colors emit a frequency, and we’re drawn to the frequency that we’re currently vibrating at! Someone who is feeling anxious, depressed or sad, might wear more darker colors (Blacks, Greys). Someone who is feeling joyful and abundant might be drawn to colors that are lighter (Purples, Pinks, Yellows).

Colors affect us so greatly. They impact our mood, energy, and so many different areas of our lives. During this reading, we’ll discover what color is needed most, and how implementing this color vibration can positively impact your daily life. Embracing the proper colors can lead to higher energy, enhanced creativity, and greater sense of well-being.


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