We all have a Spark within us.

Have you found yours?



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We all have a Spark within us. It’s our Truth, our Power, our Essence that most of us lose touch with somewhere along the way. You may feel it momentarily when you glance up at a starlit sky or kiss your lover in a precious moment. But it should not be this rare occurrence that you stumble upon on a few occasions if you’re lucky enough. This Divinity is within you at all times. You have just forgotten how to tap into it. And if you’re like most people, you were never taught how to tap in.

Our mission at Divine Spark is to support you in removing the barriers that stand in the way of your True Essence. We are here to guide you in igniting your Spark, in order for you to get back in touch with your True Power and Passion for life.

The Buddha once said that “life is suffering.” Kind of depressing, right? However, we do believe that most humans live in this state of on going suffering. We experience brief moments of joy and happiness only to be followed by more suffering. We get stuck and run around in circles. Many of us swim in depression and anxiety on the regular. We feel different, alone, and disconnected from others. We’re often left asking: what is the point of this life?

However, the Buddha also believed that suffering could be transcended. It is with gratitude that we say that we have found that to be true. Pain is an inevitable part of life here. Suffering is optional. We all deserve joy. We all deserve the life of our dreams. The best part is that it is POSSIBLE for everyone.

We are committed to creating content and products that support the world in healing, awakening, and living your dreams.

With Deep Love,

Joe Beck & Michelle Carvalho


Crystals help to balance our energy and raise our vibration. Since ancient times, crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties. Each crystal has it's own unique attributes, which you learn as you go along. Sound like a bunch of hooplah? Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. But try it out and see how you feel. Worst case scenario: you don't feel any different and you still have a beautiful crystal to look at.